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Introduction To Matthew: Matthew 1 Study/Peace With the Psalms/Message about Faith!!!

Welcome back to JPCE SPIRITUAL TALK today is an Introduction to the Book of Matthew...Today is also a Matthew 1 study and scripture breakdown, the Genealogy of Yeshua (Jesus), and The Virgin Birth of Christ!!!

Introduction The Book of Matthew

AUTHOR: The Gospel does not name Matthew the author: early manuscripts show authorship to Matthew, and he is one of the Twelve disciples...

DATE: Matthew could have written this as early as AD 50, but according to many scholars it is more likely written after the Fall in Jerusalem, In 70AD!!! Matthew resided in Antioch, and there the Church was strong, and mixed communities of Jews and Gentile Christians: St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch AD 67-107, earliest witness to the existence of Matthew's Gospel...


1: The fulfillment of Old Testament Prophecy

2: The Revelation of the Kingdom of God

3: A call to discipleship

BACKGROUND: Matthew wrote in Aramaic which was later translated in Greek, this is why Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek translations make more sense when we take deeper looks into the Scriptures!!!

The Genealogy of Yeshua (Jesus): (Matthew 1:1-17), see also Luke 3:23-39

1:1: Yeshua (Jesus), means "O Lord, save"-This is why He is referred to us as our "SAVIOR" (v. 21): Christ means "ANIONTED ONE", "MESSIAH", The "ONE" who is filled with the Holy Spirit (see, John 1:33) The Son alone became Man, so in one essence with God the Father and the Holy Spirit work through Yeshua (Jesus) to save us all from eternal damnation!!! Yeshua (Jesus) became Man He was the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us...His lineage is of Abraham, who is the father of the Jews, and also of David who was Israel's greatest king, and considered the prototype of the royal Messiah...

1:2: Luke's genealogy runs from Jesus back to Adam (Luke 3:23-38), Matthew's list comes from Abraham, which was the Old Covenant that was established by him and the Lord our God!!! Jesus is the One who established the New Covenant, and The Lord also promised to bless all the tribes of the earth in Abraham (Genesis 12:3; 28:14); this promise was fulfilled in Abraham's greatest Son, Jesus Christ!!!

1:3-5: Jewish genealogical lists normally would only include men: The mention women (Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba) would seem unusual: They would have been Gentile or a sinner, and the inclusion of these women shows us the Lord's graciousness and prefigures the calling of Gentiles into the Church/ it underscores the role of women in the Lord's plan of salvation and anticipates the special place of the Virgin Mary in that plan!!!

1:6-10: The anointing by the Prophet Samuel, and that of David it what made him king... So David, is a foreshadowing: in his Psalms, David was revealed to us as a great prophet, poet, and musician: David also revealed the royal and prophetic nature of Yeshua (Jesus), Christ our God (Psalm 109), Yes David was an adulterer and a murderer, but David also functions as a type for all repentant sinners, and what true mercy is even when wrong!!!

1:16: Joseph can be named Jesus' it has to do with OT marriage laws had rights on adopted as well as biological sons: Some teach, Mary also came from the line of David, of whom is feminine in Greek, referring only to Mary: Yeshua (Jesus) is born of Mary, and not begotten of Joseph: (see also Luke 3:23-38...):

1:17: The ancestors of Christ are arranged in THREE GROUPS of fourteen generations: fourteen is the numerical equivalent of the consonants in the name of David, showing that Yeshua (Jesus), in fact descend from King David: This is also showing the division of the leadership of the Jews: being under judges until David, under kings until Babylon, and under priests until Christ!!!

The Virgin Birth of Christ: "Matthew 18-25" (Luke 2:1-7)

1:18-19: Joseph was a righteous man who had mercy that transcends the Law (Hosanna 6:6): Joseph showed and demonstrated mercy because he never exposed Mary's supposed sin, even though obliged by the Law to do so: Her husband: The Bible teaches engaged couples husband and wife before their marriage (Rachel was called the wife of Jacob before marriage by virtue of their engagement in (Genesis 29:21; see also Deuteronomy 22:23-24): Joseph is called the husband of Mary, and Mary is called his wife (vv. 20, 24): In the Church, Joseph is membered as the Betrothed, pointing out Mary's ever-virginity:

1:20: An angel (or messenger) of the Lord our God, dispels Joseph's false reasoning by announcing the utterly unreasonable: Tells, Joseph the pregnancy of the Virgin is by the Holy Spirit, being born of a virgin proves Christ's divinity, showing us only a revelation by the Lord Himself could serve as evidence of this miracle!!!

1:22: This is repeated by Matthew often in the Book of Matthew "that it might be fulfilled which was spoken" (see, 2:15, 23; 4:14; 8:17; 12:17; 13:35; 21:4; 26:56; 27:35): showing us a new beginning to a new creation!!!

1:23: The conception of Yeshua (Jesus) fulfills the (Isaiah 7:14), where a virgin would conceive and bear a Son: He who is conceived in Mary is not a new Person coming into existence, but the eternal Son of God, who is now using her womb as His Throne: Both the virginal conception by the means of the Holy Spirit and with the name of Immanuel, God with us, shows us Christ's true Divinity!!!

1:25: THE WORD TILL does not imply that Joseph had martial relations with Mary after the Savior's birth: The Bible teaches us, and in the Bible this word "to" sometimes translates and often used to express a situation that continues after the event mentioned (see, Genesis 8:7; Dt 34:6; 2Kg 6:23): The Orthodox Church to this day witnesses to the fact and throughout history is that Mary remained a virgin for life: Firstborn: see, notes on Luke 2:7 and read it!!!



"It is written in the prophets, 'And they shall be taught by the Lord (God).' Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me...

-We are chosen to share the Word of God to all who will listen, and we are to witness to others what he has done in our lives!!! The Lord helps mold us into teachers of truth if we are determined to be teachers of truth!!! I pray nightly the Lord continues to work through me making me a teacher and a preacher of truth and righteousness!!! My learning and understanding is truly coming from the Lord and each day He opens my heart and mind to His truths in Scripture, all we have to do is have faith, and stay steadfast in that love in faith, in Christ!!!





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