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God’s Love Endures Forever (2 Chronicles 5-6:2)

Good morning, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

God’s Love Endures Forever

2 Chronicles 5-6:2


Jared led a spiritual discussion focusing on God's love, as depicted in Second Chronicles, chapter 5, and its significance in the Temple. The chapter is about the Ark of the Covenant being brought into the Temple by Solomon, and Jared elaborated on its symbolism and what it foreshadows in the future. He also referenced St. John of Damascus and the High Priestly prayer in John chapter 17, verse 21.

Spiritual Discussion on God's Love Time 0:00

Jared led a spiritual discussion focused on God's love, which is forever. The meeting began with a prayer asking the Lord to shine a heart and open the mind to understand His teachings. Jared then read from Second Chronicles, chapter 5, which details the bringing of the Ark of the Covenant into the Temple by Solomon. The reading was followed by a feast and sacrifices, marking the significant event. The chapter ended with the Ark being placed in the most holy place under the wings of the cherubim. The poles extending from the Ark were visible from the holy place but not from outside. Nothing was in the Ark except the two tablets given to Moses.

Solomon's Tipple and St. John's Writings Time 4:40

Jared discusses a passage from Second Chronicles chapter 5, focusing on Solomon's work on the Tipple and how it will be fulfilled in Christ. Jared also discusses early writings from St. John of Damascus and the prayer by Jesus in John chapter 17, verse 21, where He prays for the faithful in a High Priestly prayer.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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