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Faith's Perfection/Look To Yeshua/Discipleship/Revelation1!!!

DECEMBER 17, 2021: SHALOM!!!

READ HEBREWS 11:33-40:

-SAWN IN TWO: Some say Isaiah was killed in this manner by Manasseh according to some traditions even some scholars... 2 Chronicles 24:20-22; Jeremiah 33:20-23; 2Mc 6:18-31; Matthew 23:29-36)... (1) the death of Jonah’s and Jehoiada, (2): Eleazar willing to die for the Lord’s holy laws (3) Micah’s unknown prophet killed

Caves: 2 Mc 6:11; 10:6: great example of worship and keeping the seventh day holy, The Sabbath: The Feast of the Tabernacles is in September a Jewish feast also mentioned in Lv 23:43 and the Feast of Booths Jews would live in booths constructed out of palm branches

-Incarnation of Christ and all He has accomplished for us in the flesh redeems the OT Saints and prophets, who by faith participate in His Resurrection and His Kingdom...


THE CLOUD OF WITNESSES: This includes not only the OT saints, but also saints and martyrs of the Lord in all ages...This race isn't a sprint but a long distance race that requires endurance, we need to be spiritually prepared moving forward...

-Christ is the author meaning He is the initiator as well as the finisher...He has perfected faith and His joy Passion was to do the Will of His Father, He was the ultimate example...We are to inmate His determination and perseverance...

MARK 9:33-41:

-SEE Matthew 18:1-4: Luke 9:46-50:

-Selfish interest and worldly power, but pointing to a little child as being the true model of true discipleship, children are true believers...Yeshua emphasizes the virtues required into the Kingdom of Heaven humility, dependence, lowliness, simplicity, obedience, and a willingness to love and be loved...

-I know I feel like a little kid all over again and I'm excited to wake up just see what the Lord has for me for the entire day good or bad!!! Everyday is a learning lesson from the Lord for He is Great!!!


-Revelation or Apocalypse means to unveil: This is a Revelation from Christ in which it was than given to John: Shortly taking places means only on the Lord's time only the father knows, which Yeshua told us and it makes perfect sense considering The Marriage Supper of The Lamb we be upon us soon enough...

-The Word of God is the Testimony of Yeshua, Christ our God

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