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“Bondservant For Jesus Christ” - “The Just Shall Live by Faith” - “Our Roles Salt & Light”

Good morning. Great is His faithfulness.

Greek word of the day- ἀπολούω apoloúō, ap-ol-oo'-o; from G575 and G3068; to wash fully, i.e. (figuratively) have remitted (reflexively):—wash (away).

And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.

Romans 1:1-7- "The Greeting"

St. Paul is "BONDSERVANT" - a slave to "JESUS CHRIST"- "APOSTLE" : meaning one who is sent out. "THE GOSPEL OF GOD" (v. 1): In the OT -(see v. 2), which is realized in the Incarnation of the Son of God - (see v. 3). In this Gospel the Trinity is revealed, it was from God the Father (see v. 1), it also concerns "HIS SON" - (v. 3), and it is "ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT" (see v. 4).

Romans 1:13-17- "The Righteousness of God Through Faith in Christ"


"Here in the OT it's quoted"

Habakkuk 2:4

“Behold the proud,

His soul is not upright in him;

But the just shall live by his faith.

This is showing harmony between both the NT and OT and is summarizing the theme here, that faith is a way of life. The righteous (just means "righteous") are those who not only believe, but live righteously in living in accordance with their faith.

Matthew 4:23-25- "Summary of Jesus' Ministry"

"I read some commentary from the Blessed Theophylact"

Matthew 5:1-16- "The Blessings of True Discipleship" - "SALT & LIGHT"

"Salt & Light" - is the roles of all disciples in society, and it is for us all who follow Christ. We are to be part of the world's healing and not part of its destruction. As Salt, and as Christians we are to be preservers of God's covenant and give true flavor to the world.

Christ gives our Light (LIFE) and our faith needs His divine Light, and we become "Sons of Light" (John 12:36- 1 Thessalonians 5:5).

Numbers 6:24-26

“The Lord bless you and keep you;

25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,

And be gracious to you;

26 The Lord [a]lift up His countenance upon you,

And give you peace.” ’

In Christ love Jared W Campbell

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