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Acts 3 Study- A Lame Man Is Healed: Jesus Gives us Spiritual Wealth…

Welcome back, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Acts 3 Study Guide and Reading


Jared led a spiritual discussion and prayer, emphasizing the importance of serving others, the significance of the healing sacrament, and the need for faith in Jesus. He further discussed Peter's sermon and clarification of Jesus's identity, the concept of repentance and conversion, and the actions of Peter and John. The discussion ended with Jared expressing his love for the participants and wishing them a good day.

Spiritual Discussion and Acts Study Time 0:00

Jared led a spiritual discussion and prayer before diving into the study of Acts Chapter 3. A point was made about the true definition of a minister being to serve someone else's will. Then, they read and discussed the first ten verses of Acts Chapter 3, focusing on the healing of a lame man at the temple.

Prayer and Healing in Jewish and Orthodox Traditions Time 3:21

Jared discussed the importance of prayer, particularly the hours of prayer observed in the Jewish tradition and continued in the Orthodox church. He highlighted instances in the Bible where characters such as Daniel and Peter participated in these prayers. Jared also delved into the healing sacrament in the church, emphasizing its role in confirming the gospel message. He referred to Acts 3, where Peter uses the power in the name of Jesus to heal people, and John 14, where Jesus promises to do whatever is asked in his name.

Faith, Repentance, and Solomon's Porch Time 8:08

Jared emphasized the importance of faith in Jesus and the need for repentance and conversion. He also mentioned Solomon's porch, where the healed layman had held onto Peter and John, which was exceptionally remarkable to the people.

Repentance and Conversion Discussed Time 13:13

Jared led a discussion on repentance and conversion. He explained that these processes involve a radical change of mind and heart, leading to a new way of living. The rewards of conversion include forgiveness of sins, renewal, and confidence in Christ's second coming. An unknown speaker concurred with Jared's points. The discussion concluded with an analysis of Acts 3:2-10, where Jared emphasized the man's faith, despite his feelings of unworthiness, and the role of Peter and John in facilitating his entry into the temple.

Peter's Attention and Healing Time 17:06

Jared led a discussion about a segment from the Bible, focusing on the actions of Peter and John. He highlighted how Peter's attention towards the man led to the man's faith and his expectation of receiving something from them. Jared also discussed the man's likely expectations and reactions to receiving healing instead of material goods. The conversation ended with a plan to continue studying the Bible, explicitly moving on to Acts Chapter 4, where Peter and John are arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin.

Spiritual Discussion: Seeking Truth and Doing Good Time 20:36

Jared led a spiritual discussion, emphasizing the importance of seeking God's truth, asking for divine guidance, and acting upon the teachings. He also stressed the necessity of doing good works in the name of Jesus Christ. The discussion ended with Jared expressing his love for the participants and wishing them a good day.

In Christ, love Jared W. Campbell

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